Come to me for Dance Photography, Fitness Photography!  My studio is perfect for audition-shoots for either dance or fitness.  My clients in dance or fitness have wanted audition prints to show them at their best. My studio has a 13′ vaulted ceiling is 24′ long, 16.5′ wide, dimensions that are big enough for active dance shoots and fitness stretches.  Clients with my advice choose the floor and the background.  Shooting with me is an interesting, engaging experience.  I tether the camera to a laptop so that the dancer or fitness-expert can ascertain if their pose is spot on.

Nancy Basmann Photography

4816 Country Club Rd
with handicap ramp,
Vestal, NY 13850
Phone: (607) 731-1626


My studio has a changing room with a large counter and mirror to put on makeup.  In choosing a photographer for dance, it is important that their flashes have very short durations.  I have 5 strobes with flash-durations sufficiently brief to produce sharp captures of the leaping dancer. In choosing a photographer for fitness, it is important that there are professional strobes to accentuate muscles. For refreshments I provide bottled water, dark chocolate and other goodies that the client likes. And if the dancer or fitness-expert wants the shoot at another location, I can shoot there too, with a little help from my fast battery-run strobes. 

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