Yes, individuals in Binghamton Family Portraits should look good. Each person in my images is well lit and handsomely portrayed. A family, however, means more than a group of individuals. The big aim in doing the family portrait is to show the ties between its members.


With coordinated color and careful posing I plan to link the individuals together to form a meaningful whole.   Potential clients, please note:  the colors that we agree during the consultation would work for the portrait should be the colors you wear for the portrait session.  If everyone but one person shows up for the session wearing blue as we agreed and one person arrives wearing red, the portrait will not come out as aesthetically pleasing as would otherwise be the case.  


Some clients ask to break-down the group into smaller units, such as mother with daughters only, and daughters on their own, and everyone plans to have a copy of images where they appear. So you can imagine that family shoots take quite a while.  We need snacks to perk us up.  I always have dark chocolate, Starbucks coffee and whatever other snacks you request available during breaks.   Composition is important in a family portrait.  Triangular patterns often are what we go for.  Truly, the family sessions are a time for family creativity — and fun too. 


If you decide that you would prefer to have the family portrait done in a favorite regional location, then I take my excellent strobes for outdoor use.   If in the studio, we discuss during the consultation which background would you like to have for the portrait?   I have a good collection of backgrounds and do acquire a special one if you prefer.

Generational portrait of family

The Slater Women


After the portrait session, I neaten up the images on my computer, show you what I have using small digital images, and invite you to return to discuss what you would like to buy. How large do you want the various selected images?  Do you want a wall-hanging, traditionally framed or a canvas or in acrylic with the modern look, or perhaps a metal display?   Would you like a perspex cube or a Corning glass photographic print on your desk? Your family portrait might look great in a canvas over your living-room couch or in a framed metal print above the TV set. 

In the old days people had paintings done of their family.  A fine photographic family portrait is just as much a pice of art to be treasured.  The most important decision is to have your family portrait done by a trained, experienced photographer who will care about you and product a work of art to be treasured.



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