Pet Photography has its occupational hazards.  I fall in love with the pets.  In studio I shoot pets along the same principle as people.  The big difference is that the light stands are lower and the props are pet toys instead of, say,  a desk or a book.  The pet should come to the consultation so we can get acquainted and I can better plan for the shoot.  During first 15 minutes of the shoot, the pet can walk about the studio to feel comfortable.  I cover the oak floor with linoleum and may string out a long roll of seamless paper for the background and floor. The owner and I work as a team.  When the pet is inattentive, the owner will offer a treat–and sometimes I join in with some cheese–and show a favorite toy.  I try to keep the pet engaged and am careful not to tire out the older pets with too many poses.  I spend a lot of time editing the images, just as I do for subjects who are people.  We own two cats, but they stay safely behind the locked door of the studio. I really enjoy working with animals. The prints look great on canvas.


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