Nancy Basmann Photography

4816 Country Club Rd
with handicap ramp,
Vestal, NY 13850
Phone: (607) 731-1626


I love when my clients give me great references!

  • From Jan Rea on November 8, 2015. Facebook Review  Nancy is a fantastic professional photographer. She took some pictures of me and Darla recently and I’m very happy with the way they turned out. Thank you, Nancy!
  • From Don Costello on November 8, 2015. Thumbtack Review.  Nancy did two portraits of me, and I can attest to her top-notch ability. She is an excellent photographer with state-of-the-art equipment and an outstanding ‘eye’ for lighting, pose, and setting.
  •  From Arlene Sanders on November 9, 2015. Google Review  Nancy’s pictures are unusual not just because of the clarity and vivid colors she captures. Her pictures are alive with feeling and energy. Look at them and you will almost experience the moment as if you were there! Nancy is an absolute perfectionist and her work reflects it. She did the photos for Legal Aid’s Race for Justice 5k fundraiser (pro bono—she also has a good heart), and we were thrilled. Whenever I want to recall the fun and excitement of that day I just look back at those photos and I am there!
  • From Anthony Annuniciata on February 29, 2016. Thumbtack Review. Nancy is not only a talented photographer, but a genuinely charming woman. Her ability to make her subjects feel at ease is surpassed only by her almost obsessive attention to detail. You’ll not find a finer photographer than Nancy Basmann.
  • From Liz Fischer on 5 August 2016 on Thumbtack: A 5-star photographer
  • From Arlene Sanders on 11/4/16, Google Review. Nancy is an amazing photographer.She did the photos for our family and three races that I organized. The photos really capture the moment–all the strain and jubilance of the racers as they cross the finish. She is a top notch professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking for portraits, including family and headshots, dance and architecture. Her beautiful photos of local scenes and buildings also decorate my office. She is the best.
  • From Mark Stevens on 11/11/16, Google Review. Nancy is an experienced photographer with a great knowledge of portraiture. Whether photographing clients or capturing fine art images on the streets of NYC, Nancy’s attention to detail makes her images unique and enjoyable.
  • From Ted Andrews, 8/8/17 on Thumbtack. I had a fantastic experience working with Nancy. She gently guided me away from some unrealistic ideas and toward some highly effective ways to achieve my goals. The pictures speak for themselves.
  • From Sabrina Brooks on 7/23/18. Google Review. Nancy did wonderful work with the photography. The photos came out perfect. She is very professional and polite and knows her work.
  • From Rose DiVirgilio on 8/10/18. Google Review. A master photographer that is very generous with her time. I recommend Nancy to any professional that is looking for quality work.
  • From Ron Kweller on 8/19/18. Google Review. It was a pleasure working with Nancy. She is an amazing professional. The final product far exceeded my expectations.
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