A s Binghamton’s Unique Photographer, I am the sole Certified Professional  Photographer who holds also the degree of Master of Photography, not only in here in Binghamton, but in Broome County and beyond.   

Well trained, experienced, creative, accomplished and, for your safety, insured, I create works of photographic art that are affordable.  In this website you will find fine-art portraits of people and animals, audition images for dancers and fitness, and architectural studies.  The images do well as fine art prints that are framed traditionally,  large canvases that look like paintings,  or modern-style prints in acrylic, or on glass, wood or aluminum.

Nancy Basmann Photography

4816 Country Club Rd
with handicap ramp,
Vestal, NY 13850
Phone: (607) 731-1626

  • Nancy Basmann Photography

My work in the Binghamton region is unusual in three main ways:


PPA Master of Photography, I am unique in Binghamton as a photographer who submits images for judgement by the judges at the annual International Photographic Competition.  From the client’s perspective, my having my images judged at the national level hones my skills to produce for them high-quality, artistic images.   You will see in the Gallery for Pet Photography that cats are among my subjects.  This picture of our cat Lala is one of my award-winning images for 2019.  

Professional photo of grey cat with green eyes.

On the Lookout, PPA General Collection 2019.

And a photograph of our perky cat Maxwell Grey won a Merit Award at the International Photographic Competition in 2020.

National Awards

Staredown, PPA General Collection

The other national award-winning images appear in gallery “National Awards”, where you also will see images of architecture and still-lifes that make excellent fine-art prints. 

wooden stairs leading to door

My Studio


Visitors to Nancy Basmann Photography will find a new studio that is large and fully-equipped.   Having trained to become a PPA Certified Professional Photographer, I am careful to do things the right way. The studio is 24′ long and 17′ wide, with a 13′ vaulted ceiling, large enough for dancers.  The dressing-room permits clients comfortably to change their outfits for variety during their shoot. My lights are not pinned down like those in a commercial studio. All my clients first come to the studio for a consultation of about 40 minutes.


Photography is about painting with light.  A PPA Certified Professional Photographer trained and experienced in the use of light, I use all light sources.  My equipment is high quality, ready to capture the leap of a dancer.   With a head-shot, my aim is to render the best light that focuses the viewer’s attention at the eyes and molds the facial features, creating the drama that makes the portrait special, intriguing and attractive. 

A Binghamton Photographer who is a Master of Photography and a Certified Professional Photographer and who has a large, fully equipped studio–I am unique and that will show in your portraits that are artistic and beautifully lit.


 I would love to meet with you to discuss what you would like in your image and explain what is involved in your shoot.   We will discuss what you will wear and the makeup for the shoot.  I am generous with my time.  The initial consultation in my studio, which often takes an hour, is free.  As one of my clients commented at the end of the consultation, “Oh, now I see why you require a consultation!”. The photo-shoots are at the location of the clients’ choice and bear a flat-rate charge, so we can be relaxed about the time. During the shoot in the studio, my pictures show on my ipad, which means that clients may see the progress of the shoot and let me know if they would like any changes.  Shoots with me are a team job.  After a shoot, I have a look at the images, polish them up, and invite the clients back to the studio to decide which images they wish to buy and how they want the images displayed.

Do make an appointment with me,  Binghamton’s Unique Photographer,  for a discussion at the studio about what you are looking for in your images. You will get a high-end product for reasonable prices.


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