Southern Tier Commercial Photography is one of my favorite lines of work.

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I have been doing architectural photography for many years. My first success was in 2010 when the New York State Museum picked my image of Owego along with 11 other images to advertise their Landscape Exhibit.

Owego at Dawn

Owego Rosy Dawn 2010, New York State Landscape Exhibit

Of course there is an entire gallery on this website of Southern Tier Architectural Photography.  The photographs here of the restaurant in Bar Harbor and the abandoned church in Pennsylvania won national awards.  I hope you will see from the Gallery of commercial images on this page that I take commercial work seriously and treat real estate as part of architectural photography 

Route 66, Bar Harbor, Maine

Route 66, Bar Harbor, Maine.
PPA Merit Award

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Forsaken, Lathrop County, Pa. PPA Merit Award 2017


My professional work began with the purchase of my first ARCHITECTURAL LENS, the Canon Tilt-Shift 24mm.

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Manor House Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine

Here are the two images of Manor House Inn that were the first I did with a tilt-shift lens. The Inn still uses them for marketing.

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Manor House Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine


A 50mm lens takes into its view the same scope as we do with a glance of our eyes. So a 24mm lens takes in even more. I also own the 17mm and the 11-24 mm lenses, which capture even wider subjects. WIDE LENSES are what are best for architecture and real estate.


Of the wide lenses, the TILT-SHIFT LENS has a unique capability: We want the lines of our subject, such as a tall building, to be parallel to the edges of the image. — We do not want the building to be leaning backwards! — Now if the camera with the tilt-shift lens is level on the tripod, then we will get those parallel lines. The tilt-shift lenses indeed SHIFT up and down. To capture a tall building, I just use a knob on the lens to shift it up to capture the top of the building. Please look at the example below of 139 Washington Street, a tall building on a narrow street, and you will see what a 17mm tilt-shift lens can accomplish.

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

139 Washington St, which contains rentals of RentBing.


I offer Southern Tier Commercial Photography for rented properties, property-sales, or just to have a record. All I can do to make the properties look really good I do.  The lines of the buildings are right.  The lighting makes the structure look as good as can be.  I use the architectural, tilt-shift lenses that capture tall as well as small structures.  My captures do not lean!  I often shoot at dawn for the good lighting and the absence of cars, spend lots of time, and use the best equipment to yield masterful results.  Most of my final images are based on multiple exposures that I process as HDRs.  My aim is to create affordable images of the quality that might appear in the exclusive property section of, say, the Wall Street Journal.

Working for Paulus Development LLC which received a grant from the Community Preservation Corporation to create loft apartments and commercial space in the old Ansco-Camera factory on Emma St, Binghamton I was proud to do.

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Above is the old Ansco Camera Factory converted into loft apartments by Paulus. Blue skies might be preferable but the developer asked me to provide exterior images on short notice during a few rainy days.  The camera-factory is near our home, so I popped over that Sunday shortly after dawn to do the job.  The conversion from the factory to the lofts as you can see was not quite finished. By January 2020 the loft apartments were 100% rented.  Here is the lobby and an amenity room:

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Lobby, Ansco Lofts, 16 Emma St, Binghamton

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Amenity room, Paulus-Ansco development                                             

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Paulus Development will turn the old Smith Restaurant Supply of downtown Syracuse into modern flats. View from Erie Blvd.

Another project on the Paulus Development books is to create affordable housing in the former Endicott-Johnson Victory factory.

Binghamton Commercial Photography

Former Endicott-Johnson Victory Factory, Lester Ave, Endicott.  Photographs of the inside of the factory and its neighborhood are below. 


Beth David Synagogue was designed by Werner Seligman, with the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier.  The building won an architectural award for a building of a synagogue in 1963.  A metal print of the image, of 30″x10″, hangs in Beth David Synagogue. 

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Beth David Synagogue, Riverside Drive, Binghamton NY

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

221 Washington St, a Stonebridge Property.

123 Court St,  a Stonebridge Property,

I promised Stonebridge Property Group that there would be no cars in the pictures of their downtown Binghamton buildings.  The problem is that these days students park on the downtown streets overnight.  It took some doing on my part but there were indeed no cars in the pictures that I gave to Stonebridge Property Group. 




Southern Tier Commerical Photography

Binghamton Train Station at Dawn with lots of blue in the sky

Owned by Mark Yonaty

Binghamton Train Station at Dawn with lots of blue in the sky

Binghamton Train Station, a close-up at dawn

Southern Tier Commercial Photography

Old Train Station during a September sunset, the image finally used for the commission.

Neighborhood and interior of the former Endicott-Johnson Victory Factory to be redeveloped by Paulus Development LLC

Inside the former factory. To think how gorgeous the interior will be!
The neighborhood by the former factory is improving.
Visions Credit Union at the big Walmart Plaza. Shops will be right by the redeveloped factory.
View from the 5th floor of the former EJV factory of the new Binghamton University Pharmacy (background, left hand side) and Nursing (background, right hand side) Schools. Residents of the former factory easily could walk to the Schools.
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