Southern Tier Architectural Photography is one of my specialties. I have done commissioned work and images designed for large prints for state or local galleries. My images of churches and synagogues and mansions represent an important aspect of the cultural history of the Southern Tier. The task of recording history as represented in architectural photography comes naturally to me as my first degree actually was a B.A. Honors in history. I also taught economics at the university level. A good indicator of the economy of the


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Southern Tier finds itself in a dilapidated mansion, a leaning church, or a crumbling house for sale. In the history of photography, architectural images often have been the chosen subjects to represent an age. Think of the Walker Evans depictions of rural dwellings during the Great Depression.  While architectural photography involves the same compositional and lighting considerations as landscape photography, it also can require special aptitude in capturing complicated forms.  I prefer to use the architectural, or tilt-shift lenses to capture the straight, parallel lines as well as the central axes of buildings or interiors.  The images below belong to a growing portfolio of Southern Tier Architectural Photography.  

I marked the images to prevent free use of my images by other businesses. I sell for reasonable prices small digital images or prints of different sizes. The type of print is up to you–canvas, metallic, acrylic, luster or fine art papers –it is up to you. Please let me know if you wish to purchase an image. My email address is

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